1. dip a spoon of gallium in a glass of hot water

2. make a bubble with smoke instead of air

3. dissolve the tablet in weightlessness

4. set fire to the  energy-saving lamp

5. push two identical clouds of smoke

6. create a vacuum in the empty tank

7. set fire to the smoke from the candles

8. overturn the glass with smoke

9. pour the hot solution in a plastic cup

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Can I have one? Like…please…for the love of god…PLEASE.


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This reminds me of when I was in Germany during the soccer world cup. :]


My life.

This is what I think being seductive looks like. Ha.

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Once upon a time, there was this girl who’s friend posted something funny on her tumblr. “What is this?!”, she exclaimed. “A entire blog dedicated to Supernatural? That is actually funny and wonderful?!” She then proceeded to look through page after page, laughing hysterically, until her little brother in the next room yelled through her giggles with a, “Maren! SHUT UP. You sound like you’re having sex while being tickle raped! It’s embarrassing.” Maren, being completely offended (Supernatural being a completely reasonable excuse for making any sound resembling sex), yelled back, “Fan girl mode ACTIVATE.”

After making a few obnoxiously loud sex noises, and lots of annoying giggles, she heard MULTIPLE chuckles. Turns out her brother had friends over. Who all thought this was HILARIOUS.

The moral of the story is that while I am thoroughly embarrassed, it was worth it, because I found your AWESOME blog.

If anyone’s curious, this is the blog that made me sound like a giggle sex:



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I would feel great, Joey. I would feel great.

Yes please.

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